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   A group of people organized for a joint purpose or a connection or cooperative link between people or organizations.

What is TPIA?

  Tennessee Professional Investigators Association is a non-profit professional association for licensed private investigators. TPIA is one of three major investigative associations in Tennessee, was established in the early 1990s by several great local investigators.  The association was established as a means to bring professionalism and guidance to the local investigative industry.  TPIA members share ideas and assist new investigators to the industry. Through training, round table discussions or professional advising the association offers different views for investigators to open their perspectives on situations or daily tasks.  The association assists in annual training to help investigators achieve their required 12 hours of CPE’s before renewal of the individual investigators license. The association has a Code of Ethics of professionalism that investigators stand by and apply on a daily basis - this is what TPIA is.

Why do we need TPIA?

TPIA offers the avenue for local investigators to create professional relationships. Networking thru TPIA you are able to support and help one another in reaching professional goals. The association sponsors numerous events thoughtout the year that will allow you to connect with other local investigators or other professionals in various investigative fields. The association is a way for you to share and learn new information. TPIA hosts a local conference crediting you with 6 hours of CPE and offering the opportunity to learn breaking news in investigative fields, the newest technologies available, or state issues from the commission. TPIA is a great user tool for any professional investigator for support and growth in the investigative industry.

If you are an investigator, please join TPIA to help yourself and the profession. If you are a member of TPIA, your support is always welcome by participating in association activities.



                                James Caylor


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