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Professional Investigators Associations are important to the profession.  Investigators are representatives of the profession in their communities.  Joining an Association can provide member benefits, networking and educational opportunities as well as a code of ethics that makes us and our profession better and stronger. 

Our State Commission, Local and National Associations all help us to govern ourselves and speak with one voice when legislation is introduced that could affect how we work.  Associations can play an important role in the laws that are passed.  Without self-discipline that Associations and the Commission provide,  Investigators would be governed by State and Federal legislators without input from the Investigation industry.  This is why we need to uphold the standards and ethics that Associations adhere to and assure our colleagues uphold those same standards.

Associations give members access to the expertise and skills of other investigators which benefits clients and helps to maintain professional standards and ethics. 

Tennessee has three major Associations: 
TPIA is located in Knoxville, TALPI is located in Nashville, TAI is located in Memphis.

The three organizations are refocusing this year on a closer relationship to provide better training and a closer liaison to Tennessee investigative professionals.

Two National Organizations are NCISS (The National Council of Investigation and Security Services)  “The National Voice of the Private Investigation & Security Profession” and ISPLA  (Investigative & Security Professionals for Legislative Action).

NCISS is located in Baltimore, Maryland and was formed in 1975 in Nashville, Tennessee.  The Council immediately made its presence felt in Washington by taking a position on several pieces of pending legislation, particularly H.R. 10130, a bill that would have substantially increased the minimum wage and adversely affected the security services industry.  Restrictive Occupational Safety and Health Act rulings were also addressed, State legislation watch committees were established to monitor various state legislative bodies.

ISPLA is located in Lansing, Michigan and was created in response to the need within the profession for an effective Political Action Committee that:

  1. Tracks critical issues on a Federal and State level in real-time.
  2. Responds proactively rather than in a merely reactive manner to critical legislative and regulatory issues.
  3. Provides members and related associations with training relevant to legislative and regulatory processes. 
  4. Utilizes the first Political Action Committee specific to the Investigative and Security professions.

If you are an Investigator and you don’t belong to an Association, think about joining to help yourself and the profession.  If you belong to an Association, participate in the activities.
                                    Joan S. Ward

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